i-Ready Literacy Tasks

As part of the i-Ready Assessment suite, i-Ready Literacy Tasks provide information on how a student is performing in phonological awareness, encoding, and fluency-related reading skills. The tasks are administered by educators in a one-on-one, offline setting. Educators can seamlessly enter scores into an intuitive platform in i-Ready Connect for data collection and analysis. 

i-Ready Literacy Tasks overview.

Ensuring Students Are on Track for Reading Success 

Used as a complement to the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready Literacy Tasks help provide a comprehensive snapshot of a student’s overall reading performance. 

i-Ready Literacy Tasks fact sheet.

Tools for Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks provide educators with both Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Tasks to provide educators with a choice in selecting tasks that best fit their literacy assessment needs. 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks in Spanish.

Measuring Spanish Foundational Literacy 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks in Spanish are used to measure Spanish foundational literacy skills for students whose dominant language is Spanish and/or students who are acquiring Spanish literacy. Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Tasks are available.