i-Ready Literacy Tasks

As part of the i-Ready Assessment suite, i-Ready Literacy Tasks provide information on how a student is performing in phonological awareness, encoding, and fluency-related reading skills. The tasks are administered by educators in a one-on-one, offline setting. Educators can seamlessly enter scores into an intuitive platform in i-Ready Connect for data collection and analysis. 

Literacy Tasks Overview

Ensuring Students Are on Track for Reading Success 

Used as a complement to the i-Ready Diagnostic, i-Ready Literacy Tasks help provide a comprehensive snapshot of a student’s overall reading performance. 

Digital Administration Preview Video

Preview: New Digital Administration Feature for i-Ready Literacy Tasks

This 4-minute video provides important information about the digital administration of i-Ready Literacy Tasks. It includes platform details, a demonstration of a student completing a passage reading task, and an example of some of the features included in digital scoring.

i-Ready Literacy Tasks fact sheet.

Tools for Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks provide educators with both Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Tasks to provide educators with a choice in selecting tasks that best fit their literacy assessment needs. 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks in Spanish.

Measuring Spanish Foundational Literacy 

The i-Ready Literacy Tasks in Spanish are used to measure Spanish foundational literacy skills for students whose dominant language is Spanish and/or students who are acquiring Spanish literacy. Benchmark and Progress Monitoring Tasks are available.  

Assessment Planning with Literacy Tasks pdf cover.

Assessment Planning with Literacy Tasks 

Assessment plans help optimize assessment data, reduce testing time, and maximize instruction. By leveraging data from the i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading and i-Ready Literacy Tasks, your district can gain additional information about students’ strengths and opportunities for growth.