Data Resources for IT and Accountability Administrators

i-Ready data files and resources can be used for internal dashboards and local program analysis to support district initiatives and goal setting.  

i-Ready Export Dictionary PDF cover.

i-Ready Export Dictionary

Administrators may wish to access i-Ready data in different environments. Exports allow leaders to download detailed student-level data for an entire school or district. 

Cover of PowerPoint Presentation, Scale Score Placement Tables.
i-Ready Diagnostic Grades K–12 Scale Score Placement Tables

Information on i-Ready’s grade-level placements, including the definitions and scale scores associated with each placement.

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i-Ready Data Crosswalks 

This document provides crosswalks that make connections across score types. These connections include: scale scores to placement levels, absolute placements to relative placements, absolute placement levels to Lexile range, and grade-level placements to percentile rank.

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Diagnostic Data Tables Spreadsheet

This file includes a comparison of percentile rank to scale score with placement level changes for each testing season. It also features the scale scores associated with each placement.

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Comparing Old and New Norms

This file includes old norms and new norms side-by-side to make informed decisions regarding benchmarking and identification for programs.