Accessibility Resources and Product Information

Accessibility opportunities and expectations are continually evolving. To meet the needs of the students and the districts we serve, we engage in ongoing work to evaluate and improve our educational tools and resources. 

Young student wearing headphones looking at a laptop screen.
Committed to Accessibility

We believe every student has the potential for educational excellence. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating accessible materials that maximize usability for students with disabilities. We strive to ensure that accessibility and accommodation support considerations are incorporated into our product development process from the very beginning, and we’ve developed a continuous improvement approach to accessibility that ensures we’re always improving and learning.

Students in a classroom holding whiteboards with math problems.
Accessibility and Accommodations with i-Ready Assessment

As part of our commitment to access and equity, Curriculum Associates is dedicated to creating products that are fair and accessible to the widest population of students. i-Ready offers a range of accessibility supports, and we have developed a series of resources so you have the information you need.