Overview of the i-Ready Diagnostic

i-Ready Diagnostic is the heart of the i-Ready Assessment suite. The Grades K–12 assessments in Mathematics and Reading are built  with the core belief that all students can grow and achieve grade-level expectations. These assessment tools help educators see where students are, set high—but achievable—expectations for growth, and connect the right instructional tools to help them get there. 

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About the i-Ready Diagnostic

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i-Ready Reports Book

See the reports that help educators make effective instructional decisions to drive student growth and help all students access grade-level instruction through i‑Ready’s rich, actionable data.

i-Ready Diagnostic Report.
Actionable Reports

Based on Diagnostic results, i-Ready reports provide detailed information on student performance by domain. Clear instructional recommendations, including a personalized instructional path, are provided as well as aggregate data for spotting trends across groups of students.


i-Ready assessments are built to support a crucial goal: assessment in service of instruction. Our evidence is developed according to an assessment credibility framework that illustrates i-Ready's technical integrity.

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Rigor of i-Ready Diagnostic

The i-Ready Diagnostic is built upon three pillars of credibility that provide evidence of the integrity of our assessment system: robust assessment design, powerful psychometrics, and extensive external validation. These components of the Diagnostic create a full picture of an assessment that is credible, technically rigorous, actionable, and data driven. 

NCII's evaluation of i-Ready.
National Center on Intensive Intervention

National Center on Intensive Intervention's evaluation of i-Ready as an Academic Screening Tool and Progress Monitoring Tool. i-Ready is approved by NCII for both Academic Screening and Academic Progress Monitoring.