Assessment of Spanish Reading

All components of this Spanish reading test are available in the i-Ready Connect™ platform. The Spanish assessment is fixed form (i.e., non-adaptive) and is administered digitally to students. The content students see is original content, developed in Spanish by experts in Grades K–6 reading education who are Spanish speakers. All reading passages represent the varied cultural backgrounds and experiences of Spanish-speaking students. 

i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading.

Helping Students Achieve Grade-Level Success

The i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading was developed from the ground up by assessment experts specializing in Spanish reading skills and standards in Grades K–6.

Assessment of Spanish Reading Sample Question.

Sample Items

As part of the i-Ready Assessment suite, the i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading was developed to help educators determine how Spanish-speaking students are performing relative to grade-level reading expectations.  

Brochure explaining how the i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading assesses students.

What It Measures

This document provides an overview of the content assessed on the i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading and how it can determine a student’s reading performance relative to grade level using five key domains.