Overview of the i-Ready Assessment Suite

The i-Ready Assessment suite provides actionable data to support educators in Mathematics and Reading instruction. The assessments include the i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading and for Mathematics, i-Ready Standards Mastery, i-Ready Literacy Tasks, and i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading.
Student taking the i-Ready Diagnostic.
One Powerful Solution

The rich data from i-Ready Assessment empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs.

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Take a Self-Guided Tour

To see us is to love us. Take a tour and see how i-Ready assessments support every student with clear data, connected instruction, and committed service. 

i-Ready Diagnostic Results report.
i-Ready Reports Book

See the reports that help educators make effective instructional decisions to drive student growth and help all students access grade-level instruction through i‑Ready’s rich, actionable data.

i-Ready Diagnostic sample item.
i-Ready Assessment Items

Items are rigorously built and tested to precisely measure every student’s knowledge in reading and mathematics.

Program Overview cover page

Program Overview: i-Ready Assessment and Personalized Instruction 

Learn about the i-Ready Experience. From our products, to our award-winning support services, to our commitment to product and efficacy research, we leverage our resources to make classrooms better places for students and teachers.