Response to Intervention
i-Ready Response to Intervention
What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?

Response to Intervention, commonly referred to as RTI, is a multi-level approach often used in classrooms to identify students who are struggling and to provide the interventions necessary to help them succeed. RTI is usually separated into three levels or RTI tiers:

  • RTI Tier 1 is general education. It is important that this instruction is research-based and follows the state standards. Students in Tier 1 are performing on or above grade level.

  • RTI Tier 2 is targeted instruction given to students, often in small groups within the classroom, who are one level below grade level. Students who do not respond to Tier 2 interventions are assigned into Tier 3 instruction and are given more intensive support and instruction.

  • RTI Tier 3 is more intensive intervention and often done on an individual basis and is usually for students more than one level below grade level.

RTI is a preventative measure for all children—not just those who may ultimately be identified for special education services. Children need different levels of intervention for different reasons at different times, and a child’s need for intervention will likely change over the course of a year depending on the subject matter, level of difficulty, and each child’s unique development.

Intervention student being instructed by teacherAssessment is an integral part of instruction and can help determine the level of RTI needed, providing educators with the information they need to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses and to adjust instruction accordingly. According to the National Center on Response to Intervention:

  • A comprehensive assessment system integrates assessment and instruction, so that educators can continually use data to ensure they are meeting the needs of all students (National Center on Response to Intervention, 2010; Smith, 2010).

  • Assessment data should track student growth, identify students who are not demonstrating adequate progress and need more intensive intervention, and determine the efficacy of instructional programs (National Center on Response to Intervention, 2010).

i-Ready® and Response to Intervention

Diverse student groups—from those who need the highest levels of intervention to those who need very little intervention beyond regular classroom instruction—experience success with i-Ready because it is truly adaptive to learners at all levels of development and because the structure of the program supports different types of learners.

Specifically, i-Ready provides:
I-Ready adaptive Diagnostic places students into appropriate RTI Tiers
Adaptive Diagnostic
  • The adaptive Diagnostic gets to the root causes of student challenges and tailors appropriate, specific differentiated instruction for all.

  • Data from the adaptive Diagnostic informs and places students into the appropriate RTI tiers.

I-Ready Student Profile Reports are informative and easy-to-read
Easy-to-read Student Reports
  • Reports identify instructional gaps and provide clear, concise, and immediate next steps in order to increase student gains.

I-Ready Intervention screener reports identify students who need remediation
Intervention Screener Report
  • Data from i-Ready Diagnostic generates the Intervention Screener Report, which places students in appropriate RTI tiers, quickly identifying those students who need remediation.

  • The Intervention Screener Report also gives administrators a clear indication of overall performance and the scope and scale of intervention needed.

I-Ready online lessons place students into appropriate instructional level based on the diagnostic
Powerful Student Online and
Flexible Teacher-Led Instruction
  • Students automatically receive online lessons featuring instruction appropriate to their level, based on results from the Diagnostic. This provides targeted instruction prioritizing the highest areas of need.

  • Classroom instruction available in the form of lesson plans and through the digital access of Ready provides flexible grouping options, delivering both on and of grade level lessons, and reinforces student online instruction.

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