Developing Data-Informed Practices

i-Ready Professional Development Course Descriptions

Tapping into our integrated, comprehensive network of support, educators learn carefully developed practices built around the most important actions that drive student growth. We scaffold knowledge to help educators use iReady from day one to deeply infuse data-driven practices into everyday instruction, and to bring new techniques and new insights from our ongoing research to even the most experienced users.

Get to Know Our i‑Ready Professional Development Courses

Our professional development is designed to grow along with your implementation, meeting the learning needs and interests of educators at each phase of their development: New, Practicing, and Advanced. Our courses address a set of common learning outcomes, while our Tailored Support sessions deliver targeted outcomes specific to your needs. These sessions may be delivered virtually or in person.

Getting Good Data with i-Ready

Educators learn to understand i-Ready’s potential for student growth and plan for a successful first year of implementation. Getting Good Data with iReady is the integral first step for educators to begin implementing iReady and building a classroom data culture with their students.

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Using Data to Plan Instruction

Educators analyze their own i-Ready data to create instructional plans that help students access grade-level instruction. Using Data to Plan Instruction prepares educators to use effective data practices as they analyze their own students’ data from the first Diagnostic.

Data-Driven Leadership Best Practices I

Leaders learn to establish effective implementation strategies and foundations that unlock iReady’s potential to drive student growth.

Tailored Support

Tailored Support is planned collaboratively with you to meet the local needs of your implementation by addressing key areas of professional development at each stage of your iReady use.

The Educator Prep Series

The Educator Prep Series is a flexible complement to and extension of your onsite iReady Professional Development program. Designed as short online modules (15–45 minutes in length), The Educator Prep Series modules are more than videos—they are interactive vehicles for active learning that ask educators to think critically and deeply about how they are using iReady in their classroom.