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i-Ready: Aligned with the Science of Reading

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i-Ready: Aligned with the Science of Reading


i-Ready Is Built to Support All Readers

At Curriculum Associates, we believe all children can learn to read when they and their teachers have access to high-quality, research-proven literacy instruction. That’s why we designed i-Ready Assessment and i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Reading, our computer-adaptive supplemental reading program, on a foundation of best practices drawn from decades of research on how the human brain acquires the ability to read.

To put Science of Reading research into practice, i-Ready Assessment for Reading pinpoints each student’s literacy needs. Then, i-Ready Personalized Instruction provides a sequence of lessons to meet those needs. This efficient data-driven system helps develop more fluent reading through explicit, systematic supplemental instruction grounded in the Science of Reading.


Proven Effective

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It’s Not Just i-Ready

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