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Approved Vendor for the Maryland Leads Grant Initiative 

About the Grant

Maryland Leads is a new grant initiative designed to support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in utilizing federal funds to overcome the learning loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerate student learning to narrow opportunity and achievement gaps, and provide more targeted support for historically underserved students and their communities. The grant initiative is centered around seven high-leverage strategies that have been proven to be effective and transformative for schools and school systems.

Our Programs Support The Science of Reading and High-Quality Tutoring Strategies

Curriculum Associates offers a variety of research-based programs aligned to these high-leverage strategies, coupled with award-winning service to support you every step of the way.

  • i-Ready Assessments: Rich data empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students so they can take meaningful instructional next steps.
  • i-Ready Personalized Instruction: Engaging online lessons guided by i‑Ready Assessment data that motivates students on their paths to proficiency and growth.
  • i-Ready Classroom Mathematics: This K–8 core mathematics program sparks meaningful discourse, strengthens understanding, and makes math accessible to all students.
  • Teacher Toolbox: A digital collection of easily accessible instructional resources that support differentiated instruction for all learners.
  • Magnetic Reading Foundations: A comprehensive foundational skills program that includes everything educators need to deliver explicit, systematic foundational skills instruction to students in grades K–2.
  • Magnetic Reading: A reading comprehension program for students in Grades 3–5 with knowledge-rich, culturally responsive content that supports diverse learners and draws classrooms together.
  • Phonics for Reading: A systematic, research-based intervention program that helps older students become fluent and independent readers.

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Science of Reading

For this strategy, the grant supports districts use of an universal screener and creation of a progress monitoring system to ensure students are reading by grade three. This strategy also supports professional development for K–3 educators aligned to the Science of Reading and the implementation of high-quality instructional materials. Districts receive bonus points in their grant application for selecting this high-yield strategy.

You can be confident our Reading/ELA instruction and assessment programs are grounded in research-tested approaches, informed by expert opinion, subject to extensive user testing, and evaluated regularly.


High-Quality School Day Tutoring

For this strategy, the grant helps districts design programs to infuse tutoring into the school day, prioritized for students who have unfinished learning due to the pandemic.

i-Ready Diagnostic accurately and efficiently pinpoints students’ areas of need so tutors can easily see the skills they need to focus on. With built-in instructional recommendations and educator supports such as Tools for Instruction and the Teacher Toolbox, i-Ready equips tutors with the resources they need to help each student progress. Based on the results of the Diagnostic, i-Ready Personalized Instruction creates a customized path of online lessons to meet students’ individual learning needs so that they can develop the reading skills needed to access grade-level content.


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