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New Challenges Require New Tools

Address Unfinished Learning with i-Ready

An Assessment That Meets Illinois State Guidance

The Illinois State Board of Education released guidance on reopening schools, which states that districts must have an assessment capable of determining:

  • Which standards were missed or partially covered
  • What the aligned standards are at the current grade level
  • What skills are required to master the missed or partially covered standards

i-Ready’s adaptive Diagnostic assessment, intuitive reports, and instructional resources will help educators answer these questions and get their students on a path to proficiency.

Discover How i-Ready Addresses the New Illinois State Guidance

Did You Know?

Curriculum Associates conducted a large-scale study on the relationship between the i-Ready Diagnostic and the 2019 Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR). The research found a high correlation between the i-Ready Diagnostic and the IAR at three time points: fall, winter, and spring. For each grade level (3–8) and subject (English Language Arts and Mathematics), the correlation was above .70 at all three time points. Correlations above .70 are generally considered to be strong. (Check back soon for the full report.)

“It’s hard for one teacher to hit all the levels where kids are at, and i-Ready really supports every child.”  Tina Skukan, Teacher, St. Hilary School, Chicago

A Flexible Program Allows You to Teach Wherever Students Are Learning

Assessment Tied to Instruction

Data from the Diagnostic immediately informs instruction, without the need to import data into a second system, saving educators valuable time.


Personalized Instruction

Based on Diagnostic data, students are assigned a personalized set of online lessons to help fill skills gaps and access grade-level instruction.


Teacher-Led Instruction

i-Ready's teacher-led lessons are designed for whole class or small group settings.


At-Home Learning

i-Ready's blended instruction and accompanying print resources make for an easy transition to at-home learning.


Hearing from Other Educators: The Power of i-Ready


If you have questions about how i-Ready can support you and your students in the coming school year, please do not hesitate to reach out.