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Ohio State Assessment Approvals

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i-Ready Diagnostic: Ohio Approved for 2019–2020 School Year

ODE gives approval for five assessment uses


The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently approved iReady Diagnostic for five separate assessment uses, including:

  1. Comparable Assessment to Ohio’s Diagnostic Assessments for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee
  2. Alternative Standardized Assessment for Third Grade Reading
  3. Teacher and Principal Evaluation for Grades K–3
  4. Identification of Gifted Students for Grades 2–8
  5. Prescreening of Gifted Students for Grades 2–8

iReady Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs. The Diagnostic offers a complete picture of student performance and growth, eliminating the need for redundant tests. Learn more about iReady’s approval by the ODE.

Thousands of educators across Ohio already use iReady to help raise achievement for more than 120,000 students. Learn more about the i-Ready Diagnostic.