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OSPI Approves i-Ready

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i-Ready Assessment Approved by the OSPI for Early Screening of Dyslexia

The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)'s Dyslexia Advisory Council has evaluated and approved i‑Ready Assessment as an early screener for risk factors for dyslexia. With this approval, school districts across Washington State can use a simplified approach—combining i‑Ready Diagnostic and Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) offline tasks—to help identify students in Grades K–2 who display indications of, or areas associated with, dyslexia. Our professional learning model will ensure your district's educators are trained to administer the full i-Ready Assessment suite, including offline tasks. In addition, educators will be introduced to all resources and information that can be utilized to support your district’s dyslexia program.

Fill out this form to download a sample set of offline screening tasks, and a member of our award-winning team will follow up soon to answer any additional questions. To learn how i-Ready can help you better understand your early readers, keep reading!

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What is i‑Ready Diagnostic?
i‑Ready Diagnostic is part of the i‑Ready Assessment suite. It is an adaptive assessment that a majority of Grades K–1 students complete in fewer than 45 minutes, designed to provide teachers with a complete picture of student performance for students at all grade levels. i-Ready Diagnostic also:

  • Provides sub-skill data in Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High-Frequency Words, Comprehension: Literature, and Comprehension: Informational Text
  • Includes an emphasis on these key early literacy skills for Grades K–2, which are central to Washington’s approach to dyslexia screening:
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Letter-Sound Knowledge 
  • Connects data directly to instructional next steps at a skill-specific level
  • Meets the OSPI’s Learning Assistance Program data reporting guidelines

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How does i-Ready Diagnostic work with offline assessment tasks in RAN?
In addition to i-Ready Diagnostic, the i-Ready Assessment suite includes offline tasks in RAN for Grades K–2. These tasks, which are administered by educators in a one-on-one setting and take two to three minutes each, allow for targeted understanding of students’ strengths and areas of concern related to automaticity. District training will include the process of offline scoring and online data capture resources.

Does i-Ready offer other early literacy screening supports?
i-Ready goes beyond state requirements by providing:

  • Additional offline tasks for passage reading fluency, which are frequently used by educators to achieve a holistic picture of a student’s reading proficiency
  • The i-Ready Assessment of Spanish Reading, an online, 35-item, fixed-form assessment that is not computer adaptive and does not include Spanish RAN tasks

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