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Reimagining the Way We Teach Writing in K–5

Cover of positioning paper titled "Reimagining the Way We Teach Writing in K-5."

College and career readiness standards have raised the rigor for student writing. This positioning paper discusses the more rigorous writing standards and unpacks how to teach writing in elementary school.


  • How college and career readiness standards brought a new focus to writing instruction
  • New challenges teachers face as they teach students to both enjoy and be successful at writing
  • A call to action for school and district leaders as they consider professional learning for teachers
  • Tactics for removing disincentives to improved writing instruction
  • Strategies for evaluating effective, research-based writing curriculum for elementary school

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About the Author

Dr. Jim Cunningham

Dr. Jim Cunningham is Professor Emeritus of Literacy Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an elected member of the Reading Hall of Fame.