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The Connection Cure

Why Educators Need Balance, Laughter, and Community More Than Ever


Danielle Sullivan, Curriculum Associates National Director of Content and Implementation, knows from research and anecdotes individuals share with her that educators are stressed out. In this professional paper, she’s collected key information and insights from her popular webinars and professional learning seminars to help educators:

  • Find greater work–life balance
  • Adopt self-care practices
  • Make time for healthy habits
  • And much more

About the Author

Danielle Sullivan brings 10 years of teaching experience to her role as a National Director of Content and Implementation at Curriculum Associates. She specializes in establishing and strengthening middle school implementations with an emphasis on student engagement and motivation. Her popular webinars, presentations, and professional learning training sessions have established her as a thought leader in educator well-being, personal development, self-care, and community building. Sullivan is the cohost of the Curriculum Associates’ Extraordinary Educator podcast, a prolific writer, and a dedicated colleague to the schools and districts with which she partners.