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This project will enhance educator and student use of i-Ready as well as meet the requirements of Pennsylvania Structured Literacy Interventions. PHONICS for Readingauthored by reading expert Dr. Anita Archer—is a systematic, research-based intervention program that helps older students (enrolled in Grades 3–12) to rapidly build the skills and confidence they need to become fluent and independent readers.

PHONICS for Reading has a direct tie to i-Ready Assessment data that enables educators to identify and tailor their phonics instruction to readers who need support for the specificity of instruction we need for acceleration. This project will enhance the use of i-Ready Reading. We plan to take action to address the reality of the district's needs with PHONICS for Reading. Led by our national director team on special assignment to train Philadelphia educators, this project will have immediate, tangible, and visible impacts on student data.

During this session, educators will be provided with direct instruction on how to provide PHONICS for Reading direct instruction to students as well as practice time to enhance their own skills. All educators who will provide instruction to students need to attend this training. Principals must give staff permission to attend for the full day and handle coverages for educators at the school level.

The Rationale: We plan to provide intensive professional development on the Science of Reading and instruction based on Archer's research to grow a team of high-impact intervention specialists. PHONICS for Reading meets the requirements for Pennsylvania Structured Literacy Interventions. We plan to impact these students’ data, and that will have an impact on all district data.

The Urgency: A significant percentage of students in the School District of Philadelphia are below grade level in the Phonics domain, according to the i-Ready Diagnostic. Different students need different amounts of instruction and practice to become fluent, independent readers. Students in Grades 3 and up who need support in reading can learn the foundational skills they need with systematic instruction, targeted practice, and clear, informative feedback.

The Pedagogy: Each PHONICS for Reading lesson uses a systematic sequence of explicit phonics instruction, providing a consistent routine that allows students to apply each concept in increasingly challenging situations to build accuracy, automaticity, and fluency. This approach ensures upper-elementary, middle, and high school students progress quickly through phonics intervention lessons, keeping them motivated and feeling successful.

The Delivery: We plan to provide intensive professional development on the Science of Reading and instruction based on Archer's research to build a confident, committed group of intervention specialists.

The Essentials: Our success depends on our agreement to implement the following leadership practices:

  1. Cultivate educator mindsets that support student success.
  2. Create a culture of data.
  3. Prioritize meeting the needs of the whole child.
  4. Create a school environment that engages and inspires students.
  5. Provide resources and supports to enhance teacher practice.
  6. Forge a connection between school and home by engaging families.


Innovations in Reading video thumbnail.

Innovations in Reading: Back-to-School Reading Boost with PHONICS for Reading

Dr. Anita Archer discusses how PHONICS for Reading meets students' needs.

Phonics for Reading professional development overview.

PHONICS for Reading Professional Development

Learn more about PHONICS for Reading, and explore the professional development resources.

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