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Teachers collaborating with Post-It notes.

4 Elements to Support a Thriving School Culture

Jackson Elementary School, part of Georgia’s Clayton County Public Schools, sets the foundation for a strong school culture by emphasizing four essential elements: relationships, data-driven instruction, stakeholder involvement, and teacher training.

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A group of educators meeting to discuss student data.

Three Ways to Make Education Data Meetings Meaningful

Educators and administrators at Little Silver Public Schools in New Jersey share how they make the most of student data. Their process includes an its 18-person data committee that really delves into student performance and helps everyone see the “bigger picture.”

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Teacher and student looking at a computer screen.

How to Create a Successful Summer Learning Program

Steps for planning summer school include: plan like it’s the school year, have clear goals, select students strategically, recruit and support your staff, build your structure, engage students and families, and monitor, adjust, and stay agile.

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