Parma Priorities and Core Values

Over the last several years, Curriculum Associates has committed to extensive review of our materials, strengthening the ways in which our programs reflect and engage with a variety of cultural backgrounds and ultimately deliver equitable learning experiences for all students. As we move this critical work forward, we commit to putting a more deliberate focus on ensuring our programs uphold anti-racist values. We still have a great deal of work to do. Learn about what we’ve done and what we’re committed to doing.

Juneteenth Festival lesson cover.
Try–Discuss–Connect Routine: Lesson Example

The Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine helps spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions that honor the unique perspectives and experiences each learner brings.

Connect to Culture section for lesson on dividing fractions.
Connect to Culture

The Teacher’s Guide’s “Connect to Culture” sections provide ideas to increase engagement and connections with the diverse background and experiences of students.

Ready Classroom Mathematics family letter in Spanish.
Family Letters

Family Letters in English, Spanish, and Tagalog provide background information and encourage home–school connections with an activity for families to complete with their students.

Math in Action lesson worksheets.
Math in Action

Math in Action lessons build background through a diverse range of real-world applications.

Access and Equity

Teachers are empowered to connect concepts with students’ cultural backgrounds, creating additional opportunities for student participation and equitable learning.

Academic Language Routines

As part of Try–Discuss–Connect, you may guide students toward productive conversations for learning through language routines, teacher moves, and conversation tips.

Digital Resources for Online Instruction

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