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The Program Overview tab provides information regarding program components, focus on major grade level work, coherence and alignment to the CCSS and Ohio Standards, rigor and mathematical practices.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Overview

Grades K–8 (English)

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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Program Components

Check out the wealth of instructional resources to support teachers in effective implementation, including assessment tools and support for differentiated instruction.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Overview Brochure

Get an overview of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics' organization and design.

Educator writing math problems on a white board.
Grade 3 Unit Flow & Progression Video
The Unit Flow and Progression Videos shows how the lessons in Ready Classroom Mathematics build on prior knowledge, and make connections within and across grade levels.
Teacher standing in front of Kindergarten students.
Grade K: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade K lesson being taught.

Two fourth grade students sitting with whiteboards doing a math problem.
Grade 4: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade 4 lesson being taught.

Student Digital Experience Walkthrough Guide

Use this guide to help you explore i-Ready Classroom Mathematics’ Student Digital Experience.

Teacher Digital Experience Walkthrough Guide

Use this guide to help you explore the Teacher Digital Experience.

Principles to Action: Effective Teaching Practices

Principles to Action: 8 Highly Effective Teaching Practices were a focus during the development of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and are embedded throughout teacher support and instruction.

Hands of a student holding math manipulatives on the floor.
How Can We Leverage Math Coherence to Support Students’ Unfinished Learning?

Coherence—the idea that the math domains are connected to one another and should be presented to students in a way that allows them to see those connections—can be used to address students’ unfinished learning in the 2020–2021 school year.

Try–Discuss–Connect Routine

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Lesson Walkthrough

Watch an overview of an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics lesson in action.

Try–Discuss–Connect Routine

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics uses the Try–Discuss–Connect routine to spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions.

Discourse Cards

i-Ready Mathematics Discourse Cards provide a way to engage all students in meaningful mathematical conversations.

Math Posters

Two posters: One for establishing classroom norms and hand signals for mathematical discourse and another for learning the Try–Discuss–Connect routine

i-Ready Overview

Watch this short video for a quick introduction to i-Ready.

Get to Know i-Ready

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i-Ready Tour

Through the power of one intuitive system whose pieces were built from the ground up to work together, teachers have the tools they need to ensure students are on the road to proficiency.

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i-Ready Central®

Access the support and resources you need to get the most out of i‑Ready, including videos, tips, planning tools, printable resources, and actionable ideas from other i‑Ready educators across the country.

Learning Games

Student playing Learning Game in classroom.
Learning Games Overview

i-Ready’s fun and interactive Learning Games strengthen understanding of mathematical concepts and foster a positive relationship to challenging elementary mathematics standards.

Photo of the Educator Guide for Learning Games.
Educator Guide: Learning Games

Learn more about what the Learning Games are, how they benefit students, and how they fit into the classroom.

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