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Recommended Podcasts for Teachers: Listening on the Go

By: Charles Giannone 06/17/2024
Discover new podcasts for teachers that will entertain and inspire you to make a difference in the classroom.
An educator wearing headphones enjoys a fall walk.

The phrase, “I was listening to a podcast, and they mentioned . . .” has become common in conversations these days, and it's no wonder why, considering the staggering number of podcasts available—more than five million! With such a vast selection, there’s truly a podcast for everyone and then some. What's particularly exciting is that teachers are actively creating content for fellow educators. 

Recommended Podcasts for Teachers

These teacher podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from sharing innovative ideas for the classroom to discussing the teaching profession, to even just having some fun. Here are some noteworthy podcasts to listen to, learn from, and interject into your conversations. 

The Resilient Teacher Podcast

Do you want to help build a sustainable career in teaching? Check out this podcast hosted by veteran teacher Brittany Blackwell. Her podcast provides educators with actionable tools and strategies to combat stress. Through easy-to-implement digital resources, evidence-based methods, and inspiring interviews, Brittany and her guests offer support, validation, and practical steps to overcome or avoid teacher burnout. With more than 100 episodes and new ones added weekly, The Resilient Teacher Podcast is a valuable resource for any educator looking to prioritize their mental health and find joy in their profession.

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast

Are you an ELA teacher looking for a spark of creativity? Listen to this podcasthosted by Betsy Potash. She created a resource hub for English Language Arts teachers seeking innovative teaching methods and strategies. Through eight seasons and hundreds of episodes, you’ll hear interviews with top authors and experts in the field, workshops with practical classroom applications, and quick tips to enhance teaching creativity. Project-based learning, escape rooms, hexagonal thinking, sketchnotes, student podcasting, choice reading programs, diverse texts, and more. All with a goal to empower you with the support and inspiration needed to enjoy your teaching journey while effectively engaging students with both contemporary and classic literature.

Truth for Teachers Podcast

Since 2003, Angela Watson has dedicated herself to sharing practical classroom strategies and nurturing a positive mindset among educators. Drawing from her extensive classroom experience, Angela has authored articles and books and hosts this enlightening podcast. Through her various platforms, she provides valuable advice to help you effectively prioritize your personal, contractual, and instructional time. Her ultimate goal is to help you prevent burnout and foster a sustained passion for your profession. She wants to ensure you not only survive but also thrive in your careers for years to come.

Art Made Easy

Host Patty Palmer is dedicated to empowering elementary art teachers through this podcast. With more than 150 episodes, she interviews art educators, giving them a platform to share their passion and love for the profession. You will gain valuable strategies for teaching art to young learners and practical classroom management techniques. Patty's Deep Space Sparkle website provides access to a wide range of resources and will help you elevate your art education journey and unlock your teaching potential.

Dumplings Over Flowers

With a combined 50 years of educational experience, siblings Izzy and Nicole host this podcast that’s funny, relatable, and full of wisdom. They’ll entertain and inspire you with their engaging conversations and offer valuable inspiration and practical ideas to empower you to become exceptional educators. Their relatable insights resonate, making your journey toward excellence enjoyable and fulfilling. Whether you're new to teaching or have years of experience, Dumplings Over Flowers is a must-listen for anyone striving to be the best educator possible.

The Extraordinary Educators™ Podcast

This podcast offers a wealth of best practices, tips, and inspiring stories to help you excel in the classroom and beyond. At less than 20 minutes, it’s a convenient and time-efficient resource. Hosted by Curriculum Associates National Director Danielle Sullivan and Associate Director Sari Laberis, the podcast offers thought-provoking interviews that provide you with valuable insights from a diverse range of educational professionals. Guests bring their expertise to the table, aligning with Curriculum Associates' values and goals. It's a must-listen if you’re seeking extraordinary growth in your teaching journey. 

The Fandalorians: Teachers by Day, Nerds by Night

Three teachers, Mr. Richardson, Mr. McDonald, and I, combine our love of pop culture and our profession in this podcast. Our show has entertaining segments like Morning Announcements, where we talk about entertainment news; Building Meetings, where we debate pop culture topics; and Post-Observation Reviews, where we share our thoughts on movies and shows to create an enjoyable experience for all listeners. 

Stellar Teacher Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Sara Marye, offers quick and concise episodes in under 30 minutes. It covers a wide range of relevant educator topics, including reading, writing, student engagement, word study, comprehension, reading genres, and various teacher tips. Each episode provides insights and practical strategies to enhance your teaching skills and create a dynamic learning environment. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and ideas to enhance your teaching journey. 

Teaching to the TOP

In this podcast, experienced educators Michelle Emerson and Bridget Spackman offer practical strategies and resources to help you improve time management, organization, and productivity in your classroom. Bridget, a teacher in Pennsylvania, understands the challenges you face firsthand. Michelle, based in Texas, brings a wealth of teaching and professional learning expertise. Visit their website to enhance your teaching practices and create a more efficient learning environment. 

Teach Me, Teacher

Educator Jacob Chastain empowers you with practical advice, skills, and inspiring ideas in his podcast. It emphasizes collaborative learning and the value of shared experiences for impactful professional learning. Catering to diverse educators, it promotes adaptability to meet evolving student needs and delivers timely and relevant information to enhance your teaching practices and support you in your journey. 

Teachers Off Duty

Comedy and education collide in this podcast by Bored Teachers. Lauren, Tell, Bri, and Gabe will enthrall you with captivating stories from their classroom experiences. With fearlessness and wit, they delve into diverse topics, including student anxiety, mental health challenges faced by educators, navigating sensitive history topics, and establishing healthy boundaries with parents/caregivers. You can watch clips of their podcast on different social media platforms or catch them live on the We Can't Make This Stuff Up! comedy tour. Teachers Off Duty invites you to revel in their comedic genius while gaining a deeper understanding of the multifaceted realm of education.

Everyone needs a little inspiration, new ideas, and a laugh sometimes. I hope these podcasts for teachers are helpful! 

To hear more, listen to this episode of the Extraordinary Educators Podcast.