Ken Tam.

About Ken Tam

Ken Tam is a former teacher and district administrator with more than 20 years of experience in education technology. In his current role as Curriculum Associates’ executive director, personalized learning and assessment, he helps educators develop assessment literacy to improve their ability to connect data to instruction. He serves as a thought leader on assessment and personalized learning and speaks widely at regional and national conferences on how districts can “Assess Less, Know More” and “Adapt Teaching and Learning.”


Latest Posts

Student laughing in classroom.

What Is Early Literacy and Why Does It Matter to Student Learning?

Early literacy is the crucial knowledge students develop as a foundation for reading. This explainer post addresses top questions about early literacy (also known as emergent literacy), clarifying why it’s so important to reading and overall learning achievement.

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SEL plus rigorous instruction equals success written on notebook paper.

“Both And”: Why Students Need Both SEL and Rigorous Instruction as Schools Reopen

Some educators argue schools should focus solely on SEL or academics as they reopen, but in this opinion piece, Curriculum Associates’ Ken Tam argues that an either SEL or rigorous instruction approach isn’t what’s best for students. What will work? A “both and” approach.

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Teacher sitting on a desk.

Three Actions That Will Accelerate Learning in 2021 

We have the unique opportunity to re-envision education in 2021. Accelerated learning strategies will need to empower educators to use data effectively to personalize learning and create safe, equitable classrooms.

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Student reading a book.

Student Dyslexia Screening Can Be Efficient, Effective, and Fair

Achieving reading proficiency by the end of third grade is an important landmark for all elementary students, but dyslexia stands in the way of many. This is a serious threat to the right of all American school children to be literate.

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Grants and Funding Hub

Curriculum Associates’ grants and funding team has assembled resources to help educators and administrators make sense of new federal funding sources, plan for summer school, and understand how our programs meet funding requirements.