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Learning Games

Educational Math Games, Personalized for Students

Included as part of i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Mathematics and i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, Learning Games help Grades K–8 students nurture their understanding of mathematical concepts in a low-stakes setting. They provide mathematics fluency and skills practice in both English and Spanish. Through report data, educators can see in real time a snapshot of student performance.

Hungry Guppy

In this precursor to Hungry Fish, students learn to identify small numbers of objects, fluently add sets of shapes, and recognize numerals up to six.

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Hungry Fish

Students combine integer bubbles to feed a fish with a specific target number, reinforcing the concept that there are multiple ways to compose and decompose a number by finding sums and differences.

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Students guide a bouncing ball to compare numbers and find the location of integers, fractions, percentages, decimals, and the value of pie charts on a number line.

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Students match number jellies of equal value, learning to interpret different visuals and symbolic representations of integers, sums, differences, and products. The game is designed to improve working memory while giving students valuable fluency practice with addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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Students run a virtual pizza store. They set prices, compare vendors for ingredients, and perform quick mental math to calculate the price of customer orders. Adaptive timing gives students appropriately challenging fluency practice with addition, multiplication, and multistep problems.

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Students move left and right and zoom in and out of the world’s most interactive number line to find missing values, compare numbers, and build number sense. Animals corresponding to each order of magnitude make the concept of place value concrete.

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Students run a cupcake delivery business, in which they need to interpret diverse word problems and engage in practice with basic economics, proportions, and the coordinate system. Through the game, students budget for ingredients, take increasingly complex orders, and make deliveries on the coordinate plane of a city map.

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Cloud Machine

Students solve puzzles featuring concrete, visual representations of fractional spaces. The goal is to fill a cloud to a precise level of liquid by opening and closing a series of gates. The game helps students conceptually understand fraction recognition, equivalence, and addition and subtraction of fractions with the same and different denominators.

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