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Nevada’s Pre-K Screener

Background Information

2021–2022 Implementation

For students entering Pre-K for the 2021–2022 school year:

  • Students must be assessed no earlier than 15 calendar days prior to the start of school or within 45 instructional days of the start of the school year. The 45 instructional days has been extended from the previous 30-day window.
  • The BRIGANCE screeners cannot be administered online. Therefore, the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen III is waived for students who are enrolled in distance learning full time at the start of the 2021–2022 school year.

Access the NV BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen III—Nevada Ready! State Pre-K (NR!PK) FAQ.

Access the 2021–2022 BRIGANCE Pre-K Pricing Sheets.

Training Information

Virtual training opportunities, as well as in-person training (when permitted), will be provided during the 2021–2022 school year. Training sessions approved by the Nevada Registry will be listed on the website. Refer to the Nevada Registry for dates and locations of approved training sessions.

Introduction to the BRIGANCE Screens III for Nevada Pre-K Educators

Teacher/Staff Screening Tools

Child Pages for Visual Motor Skills Subtest

Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales

Scoring Tools

Sharing Screening Results with Families

  • Sharing Screens III Results with Families—2-Year-Old—Grade 1: English | Spanish

Replacement Accessory Items

You can now order the following replacement accessory items:

  • Shape set for sorting (8 squares and 8 circles of two colors) | Item #: 23940.0 | Price: $15.00
  • Set of blocks (10 one-inch colored blocks) | Item #: 03126.0 | Price: $10.00

To order, please contact Terri Pica and provide:

  • Name of your school/center
  • Shipping address
  • Contact name
  • The PO number of the original purchase (if you have it)
  • Item(s) and number you need (of each)


Online Management System (OMS)

The OMS and the OMS training will be purchased by the NDE. Each child's screening data is entered into the OMS and scores are calculated. The OMS also provides access to materials from the BRIGANCE Readiness Activities for teachers to use in the classroom and to send home to families. Log in to the OMS.

OMS Program Information Sheet

For a program to be set up with access to the OMS, the program administrator must complete the OMS Program Information Sheet.

Access video below that includes an introduction to the OMS as well as directions for adding users and students, adding screening data, running reports, and accessing resources:
Online Management System video

Access PDFs of the OMS Guides below:

See the BRIGANCE Screens in Action!

Four-Year-Old Screening Video Clip (3 min.)

Watch this clip to see the rapport between an examiner and a four-year-old during screening.


Contact Information

Preschool Screening

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Timelines
  • Deadlines
  • Requirements
  • Materials
  • Anna Severens, Education Programs Professional (North)
  • Mia Pace, Education Programs Professional (South)

BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Materials
  • Content
  • Administration directions
  • Scoring
  • Interpreting results

Curriculum Associates Customer Service, (800) 225-0248, option 4 or

BRIGANCE Online Management System

If you have questions/comments about:

  • Technical questions/issues (such as inability to access, difficulties printing reports, etc.)
  • Guidance on using the features, including Observations and Family Connections, as well as reading/interpreting reports
  • Timeliness, deadlines, requirements for entering data into the OMS
  • Infinite Campus questions

Grace McGrane,, (800) 225-0248, option 6