Guidance for Educators Using i-Ready Online Instruction with Students Who Have Not Taken an i-Ready Diagnostic

Typical implementations of i-Ready require that students take the i-Ready Diagnostic before beginning instruction and uses the results of this adaptive assessment to personalize each student's online learning and help teachers determine strengths and areas of need. Given the situation unfolding across the country, we have determined a way for teachers to assign students instruction without completing an assessment.

We welcome all educators who have been granted access to i-Ready Online Instruction-only during these extraordinary circumstances.

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1. Prepare to use i-Ready

Ensure your profile is set up correctly by following these directions.

2. Define student learning activities.

  • Develop a plan for how students will use i-Ready to learn remotely using a combination of digital and offline resources.
  • Document your plan and include suggested timing for each activity. For more detailed guidance and a template to help you plan, click here.
  • Extend the learning from online lessons with printable materials that students can work on independently. You can use the Printable At-Home Activity Packs and Additional Resources, available on, to complement students’ work on online lessons.
    • To select which resources to use, you can reference Alignment Documents for Math and Reading, which link the concepts and student materials within the printable resources to the aligned i-Ready online lessons.

3. Prepare students to access i-Ready remotely.

Ensure that students are familiar with logging in to i-Ready, can navigate their student dashboards, and understand what learning activities they will be expected to complete.

For a PowerPoint® presentation you can use to familiarize your students with Personalized Instruction, click here or search for “get students ready” on i‑Ready Central®.

4. Share plans with families.

Provide families with the information and tools they need to support their students' remote learning with i-Ready. Go here for communication materials you can use.

5. Develop monitoring plan.

Plan to monitor students’ i-Ready activities while they are working remotely so you can make adjustments as needed. This will also help inform instruction once they return to school. Go here for more information.

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