Praiseworthy Professional Development

Get Everyone in on the Excitement

It’s a mid-August afternoon in southeastern Washington. The buzz of new school year preparations has enlivened the hallways of Prospect Point Elementary, home of the Super Stars. At lunchtime the thermometer rises over 100° outside the Walla Walla district offices, and the Director of Teaching and Learning, sitting in back, takes in the conference room before her.

She reaches for her phone and tweets:

“Full room of K–8 teachers collaboratively engaged in learning more about iReady. Thanks, Curriculum Associates, for a valuable product and resources to support student growth.”

Months later, following a February session to go deeper and build momentum, Prospect Point’s principal emails that administrator: “Kudos to the PD Specialist for making the training relevant and interesting. We are excited!”

Valuable product. Supports student growth. Relevant and interesting. Excited. “That's exactly what we're going for,” says Curriculum Associates Professional Development Director, Jennifer Albrecht. “I never get tired of seeing educators tell other educators that our PD has made a difference for their students.”

“TY @CurriculumAssoc for helping me look at my #iReady data so I can plan and form the best groups possible in order to meet my students’ needs. I’ve started literacy centers already, moving onto math centers this week! TY @JillianEverage for your support! @cypresscreekvcs”

—@HalleyUrbanak on Twitter


We're Working Every Day to Create and Deliver Praiseworthy PD

We hire teachers to craft and share ideas you can use tomorrow.

We know that teachers have high standards for engaging instruction, so we enlist passionate former educators to create, field test, and deliver our PD.

Our curriculum and teacher resources are updated throughout the year.

We continually seek out new ways to keep things fresh and enjoyable, like online courses that leaders and coaches can share with teachers for ongoing learning between sessions, or video footage of real-life educators modeling our instructional routines in their classrooms.

We tune facilitation to the situation on site.

New users get the basics they need to feel equipped from day one, Practicing users go deeper, and Advanced users collaborate with us on custom agendas to meet increasingly sophisticated needs. When possible, we plan for hands-on work using your own data.

Leaders and teachers follow a complementary course progression.

To ensure everyone in the building is speaking the same language, we focus in on larger shared goals—for example, making data-driven decisions or modernizing teaching methods in mathematics—and chart an inspiring pathway for each role.

Can’t get everyone together at once? No problem.

Onsite courses can be modified to rotate groups in and out, and you choose whether to repeat the content with each group or change it to accommodate experience levels. Digital resources allow leaders and teachers to learn where and when they wish.

Every recommended package includes at least one support session.

Walk each grade level through an analysis of their midyear iReady® data. Dive deeper into mathematics instructional routines. Take advantage of our supports for instructional coaches. Ensure your learning needs are met with our mix-and-match learning modules.

Your satisfaction is the bottom line.

Consistent with our company values, we put making and delivering the best courses to as many educators as possible as our most important goal.


Educator-Approved PD

95 percent of our PD alumni say they gained useful and relevant knowledge in their PD session. We actively monitor that number throughout each school year . . . along with all the many ways our PD audiences send in praise and feedback.


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