Inspiring and Supporting English Learners


i-Ready Supports ELs

Instruction Aligns to WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation Criteria for English Language Learners


Ensuring Every Learner Succeeds

i-Ready supports language acquisition and access to grade-level content by starting with each learner’s can dos.

English Learners represent a broad spectrum of needs, experiences, and communities. We recognize the many assets these learners bring to the classroom, and ensuring they achieve academic success with rigorous grade-level content is our priority. 


Supporting English Learners through Targeted Online Instruction


Designed with English Learners in Mind

We designed iReady from the start with English Learners in mind and purposefully integrate language development strategies, culturally responsive teaching principles, and strategic scaffolds to help English Learners access reading and mathematics instruction and achieve proficiency and growth. Learn more about iReady.


Enhancing Learning Gains

English Learners who received recommended levels of iReady instruction experienced 49% greater learning gains in mathematics than English Learners who did not receive the instruction.


“We’ve graduated over double the amount [of English Learners] that we have in previous years and we can attribute that to iReady.”

—Jenay Enna, Principal, Oak Grove School District

“These videos are an amazing tool for ELL students. The visuals and explanations help the students to develop background knowledge and create a strong introduction for the lesson.”

—Mery Ann Toro, Teacher, Orange County Public School District

“Our ELL students love the small group lessons because they are able to work through lessons with the teachers and the support is powerful.”

—Sheila Steirer, Reading/Literacy Coach, Narcoossee Middle School

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