i-Ready Assessment

Student taking the i-Ready Diagnostic.
i-Ready Assessment Overview

The rich data from i-Ready Assessment empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs.

i-Ready Diagnostic sample item.
i-Ready Assessment Items

i-Ready Assessment items are built by design to measure college and career readiness.

i-Ready Diagnostic Report.
Actionable Reports

Based on Diagnostic results, i‑Ready reports provide detailed information on student performance by domain, clear instructional recommendations, including a personalized instructional path, and aggregate data for spotting trends across groups of students.

Teacher and students in a classroom.
New Prerequisites Report: Integrate Prerequisites into Grade-Level Instruction

Address unfinished learning while focusing on what matters most—grade-level success.

Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension

Achieving stretch goals will require a learning progression strategy. The Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension will connect resources to match those strategies that are critical for on-grade level success.

Assessment Tied to Instruction

By connecting Diagnostic data and Personalized Instruction, i‑Ready reduces complexity, saves educators time, and makes differentiated instruction achievable in every classroom.

Screenshot explaining how to navigate i-Ready.
Understanding i-Ready Navigation

Use this guide when navigating i‑Ready as a teacher or administrator.

Screenshot of i-Ready Standards Mastery.
i-Ready Standards Mastery

Built to map to your scope and sequence, Standards Mastery allows educators to quickly identify when reteaching or remediation is needed as standards are covered across the year.

Oral Reading Fluency screen
The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments

Putting Research-Based Oral Reading Fluency Assessment in the Hands of Educators

Dyslexia Screening page
Dyslexia Screening with i-Ready Assessments

The i‑Ready Assessment suite combines the power of the i‑Ready Diagnostic with a one-on-one task-based system to screen for potential risk factors for dyslexia.

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