How does i-Ready Classroom Mathematics support teachers with effective practices?

Effective practice is an integral part of the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics program. The eight NCTM Teaching Practices are identified throughout the Teacher's Guide and embedded in the Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine.

Principles to Action: Effective Teaching Practices

Principles to Action: 8 Highly Effective Teaching Practices were a focus during the development of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and are embedded throughout teacher support and instruction.

Integrating Effective Teaching Practices whitepaper.
Whitepaper: Integrating Effective Teaching Practices

Learn manageable ways to adapt effective teaching practices, including using routines and basic teacher moves that can be implemented immediately and refined over time.

Math Authors Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta.
Get Students Talking

Learn the advantages of using Turn and Talks in the classroom from experts Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, authors of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics' Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine.

Introduction | Best Practices

Ready Classroom Mathematics Math Discourse Activities.
Discourse Activities for Grades K–8

The Math Discourse Cards in i-Ready Classroom Mathematics can be used to help students ask questions, share solution strategies, and make connections. This packet contains a sample activity for Grades K–8 that can be used with the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Discourse Cards.

Whitepaper: Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching (CRMT)

CRMT invites all students into mathematics as participants, because their ways of thinking and reasoning are worth sharing.

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