Curriculum Design That Supports Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

The Curriculum Associates team is committed to developing instruction, lesson content, and assessments that are culturally and linguistically responsive (CLR). We aim to center and engage diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, especially those that have been historically marginalized, stereotyped, or underrepresented.

Equity and Access for ALL Students

Cover of resource for English Learners.
i-Ready Supports English Learners

Download this resource to learn more about how i-Ready supports English Learners and the impacts it has on learning gains.

Cover of i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics in Spanish.
i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics in Spanish

The i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics in Spanish matches the content and rigor of the Diagnostic in English based on careful transadaptation of each assessment item using a rigorous process recommended by the International Test Commission.

i-Ready Accessibility and Accommodations

Learn what accessibility features are available in i-Ready Assessment and how teachers and/or leaders can enable them.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Accessibility FAQs.
Accessibility FAQ
Curriculum Associates is committed to providing accessible materials for teachers and students.
Arturo Zamora cover graphic
The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora

An excerpt from the published book The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya, featuring concepts of family and work life within Cuban-American culture

Sign Language cover graphic
American Sign Language Representation

An excerpt focusing on American Sign Language at concerts, showcasing how events can be made more accessible for a wider audience

As Brave As You cover graphic
As Brave As You

An excerpt from the published book As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds, a Krikus Award Finalist, Schneider Family Book Award Winner, and Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book

Connect to Culture
Connect to Culture

The Teacher’s Guide’s “Connect to Culture” sections provide ideas to increase engagement and connections with the diverse background and experiences of students.

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Equity in Learning: Providing a Pathway to Proficiency for All Students
By providing high-quality, engaging, culturally relevant, and anti-racist content to the schools we serve, along with assessment tools for setting high expectations, we believe that we can help schools create a learning environment where every student succeeds.
Try Discuss Connect cover graphic

The Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine helps spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions that honor the unique perspectives and experiences each learner brings.

Mathematics with Multicultural Contexts
Mathematics with Multicultural Contexts

A word problem focusing on a samosa recipe, which provides students with a sentence defining the term and a visual to help them understand the word in the context of the problem

Family Letters
Family Letters

Family Letters in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Korean provide background information and encourage home–school connections with an activity for families to complete with their students.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Social-Emotional Learning brochure.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Social-Emotional Learning Brochure

Educators know that math education isn’t just about math. As students learn new mathematical concepts, they also learn about themselves, other students, and the communities and relationships that link them together. i-Ready Classroom Mathematics embraces this union and supports SEL and mathematical achievement at the same time.


"We have been very pleased with not only the products from Curriculum Associates, but also the customer service when troubleshooting.  One product specifically that we are finding of immense help during this very crazy time is the i-Ready online instruction.  We are able to allow our virtual students to work on items that they need additional support in on their own learning path, and also assign interactive videos specific to things we are learning in class.  We can trust that learning is being extended not only to students in the classroom, but also to those at home.  i-Ready Classroom Mathematics has also been fantastic.  The alignment to Missouri Learning Standards and usability has been the perfect resource to meet our curriculum needs.  I am impressed with the in-depth thinking it forces our students to use and the variety of ways each concept is taught for true understanding."
— K-12 Instructional Coach, Tipton R-VI, Tipton, MO

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