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Focus on Discourse and Reasoning

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics ©2020 invites students to be active participants in math class and supports them in becoming independent mathematical thinkers. When students do the thinking and talking, they can better process, synthesize, and retain ideas, leading to greater understanding. i-Ready Classroom Mathematics invites all students to take part in math class. 

Build academic language and deepen conceptual understanding at the same time. The Try–Discuss–Connect routine helps students contextualize word problems and engage in academic discourse. i-Ready Classroom Mathematics also includes targeted support to help build academic English for all.

Try–Discuss–Connect routine in action.
Try–Discuss–Connect Instructional Framework in Action

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics uses the Try–Discuss–Connect instructional framework to spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions.

Flyer explaining how i-Ready Classroom Mathematics supports the 5 NCTM Practices.
5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

See how i-Ready Classroom Mathematics supports the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions.

Selecting and Sequencing Student Solutions whitepaper.
Whitepaper: Selecting and Sequencing Student Solutions

This whitepaper examines the best practices that are viewed as critical components of a well-designed plan to make purposeful and thoughtful decisions that strengthen students’ understanding of robust mathematics.

Teacher working with student.
Differentiation Resources and Strategies for All Learners

Don’t wait until after the lesson to realize students need support! i‑Ready Classroom Mathematics embeds strategies for support into instruction.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics flyer about Integrating Language and Mathematics.
Integrate Language and Mathematics
To help students use academic language to learn, the Try–Discuss–Connect framework provides opportunities to incorporate language routines, teacher moves, and tips for engaging students in mathematical discourse.
Mathematics Discourse Cards.
Mathematics Discourse Cards

Mathematics Discourse Cards provide a way to engage all students in meaningful mathematical conversations.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Classroom Videos

Teacher standing in front of Grade K students.
Grade K: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade K lesson being taught.

Grade 2 student in math class holding dry erase marker and whiteboard.
Grade 2: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade 2 lesson being taught.

Two Grade 4 students sitting with whiteboards doing a math problem.
Grade 4: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade 4 lesson being taught.

Grade 6 student standing and pointing at a whiteboard.
Grade 6: Lesson in Action

See an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Grade 6 lesson being taught.

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