i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Overview

Grades K–8 (English)

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Program Overview

Teacher pointing at projector screen in front of students.
Teacher Digital Experience (Videos)

Watch these videos to learn more about the Teacher Digital Experience.

Ready Classroom Mathematics Effective Teaching Practices.
Principles to Actions: Effective Teaching Practices

Principles to Actions: 8 Highly Effective Teaching Practices were a focus during the development of Ready Classroom Mathematics and are embedded throughout teacher support and instruction.

Try–Discuss–Connect Routine

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics uses the Try–Discuss–Connect routine to spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions. Through this researched-based instructional routine, students develop understanding and the tools needed for success on MCA’s.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Lesson Walkthrough

Watch an overview of an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics lesson in action.

Flyer about Ready Classroom Mathematics' Support for Language, Discourse, Community and Culture.
Support for Language, Discourse, Community, and Culture
i-Ready Classroom Mathematics recognizes the linguistic and cultural assets that all students, especially English Learners, bring to the classroom. Leveraging students' background knowledge, experiences, and insights can enrich the classroom culture and be built upon for academic success.
Grade 1 Correlation to Minnesota Standards.
Correlations to the Minnesota Academic Standards in Mathematics

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics provides full coverage of the Minnesota Standards. Download the correlations for Grades K–8

Ready Classroom Mathematics Student Worktexts, Grade 4.

Program Samplers

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics empowers all students to own their learning through discourse-based instruction that embodies the true intent and demands of the standards. Download a free sample lesson to discover how.


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