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CLR work involves authentically representing various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, but also ensuring that students can draw connections between the instruction they receive and their own cultural and linguistic identities. Here are a few examples of how Curriculum Associates integrates these practices into our products.

As Brave As You cover graphic
As Brave As You

An excerpt from the published book As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds, a Krikus Award Finalist, Schneider Family Book Award Winner, and Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book

Arturo Zamora cover graphic
The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora

An excerpt from the published book The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya, featuring concepts of family and work life within Cuban-American culture

Sign Language cover graphic
American Sign Language Representation

An excerpt focusing on American Sign Language at concerts, showcasing how events can be made more accessible for a wider audience

Mathematics with Multicultural Contexts
Mathematics with Multicultural Contexts

A word problem focusing on a samosa recipe, which provides students with a sentence defining the term and a visual to help them understand the word in the context of the problem

Try Discuss Connect cover graphic

The Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine helps spark meaningful partner and whole class discussions that honor the unique perspectives and experiences each learner brings.

Connect to Culture
Connect to Culture

The Teacher’s Guide’s “Connect to Culture” sections provide ideas to increase engagement and connections with the diverse background and experiences of students.

Family Letters
Family Letters

Family Letters in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Korean provide background information and encourage home–school connections with an activity for families to complete with their students.

Math in Action
Math in Action

Math in Action lessons build background through a diverse range of real-world applications.

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