Try–Discuss–Connect Instructional Routine

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics lessons center around the Try–Discuss–Connect Instructional Routine. This student-driven, discourse-rich routine simultaneously rehumanizes mathematics while granting access to the rich grade level conversation, connection and content. i-Ready Classroom Mathematics supports educators in helping students see their personal and cultural experiences reflected in the mathematics.

Building Instructional Routines in Your Classroom
Building Instructional Routines in Your Classroom

Set students up for success all year long by establishing routines to engage students in productive math conversations.

Illustration of the Try-Discuss-Connect routine.
Try-Discuss-Connect: One Powerful Routine Built From Many

Learn about the Integrated Language Routines, Academic Vocabulary Development, Teacher Talk Moves, and Student Conversation Tips that comprise the powerful Try–Discuss–Connect Routine.

Mathematics Discourse Cards.
Mathematics Discourse Cards

Mathematics Discourse Cards provide a way to engage all students in meaningful mathematical conversations.

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