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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics is a comprehensive core mathematics program that makes math accessible to all students. Print and digital resources for assessment, instruction, practice, and differentiation work together seamlessly to support teachers and empower student to develop deep understanding of mathematics.

  • Engage students (whether it's in person or remote) using a discourse-driven routine
  • Address unfinished learning by integrating prerequisite skills into grade-level content
  • Focus on equity by incorporating diverse contexts that help students make better connections
  • Achieve success with a proven-to-work program and a committed service and implementation partner

Program Overview

Watch these short overview videos for an introduction to i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and i-Ready.
Watch this short video for a quick introduction to i-Ready.

Get to Know i-Ready Classroom Mathematics and i-Ready

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics list of components.

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Program Components

Check out the wealth of instructional resources that support teachers and students, including instruction, practice, assessments, and support for differentiated instruction.

Flyer about Ready Classroom Mathematics addresses the standards.
Delivering What the Standards Demand
i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Lesson Walkthrough

Watch an overview of an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics lesson in action.

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i-Ready Tour

Through the power of one intuitive system whose pieces were built from the ground up to work together, teachers have the tools they need to ensure students are on the road to proficiency.

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