Meeting the Needs of All Learners Is Achievable with Embedded Differentiation

Teacher and student
Differentiation Strategies for ALL Learners

Don’t wait until after the lesson to realize students need support! i‑Ready Classroom Mathematics embeds strategies for support during instruction.

Teacher Toolbox

Learn more about this digital collection of K–8 instructional resources that helps you deliver differentiated instruction in distance and onsite learning environments.

Teacher Toolbox for Mathematics.
Navigating the Teacher Toolbox

Toolbox gives K–8 digital access to all the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics resources for every teacher using the program.

Teachers use data to differentiate instruction.

Differentiation is made easier with both an adaptive K–12 assessment and grade-level data.


Grade 2 Lesson 6 Example

1. Deepen Understanding

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Deepen Understanding lesson example. 

2. Challenge Activity

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Challenge Activity. 

3. Enrichment Activity

Download the example.

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