Research and Efficacy

Research on Unfinished Learning

Research on Academic Achievement This Year

Pandemic-related school closings and reopenings raise countless research questions. Our Research team is exploring two critical questions on almost every educator's mind: How far behind are my students? And what can I do to help them?

Winter 2021 Research

What We've Learned about Unfinished Learning

This research brief discusses findings from winter i-Ready data this year compared to previous years and sheds light on the severity of unfinished learning.


Fall 2020 Research Findings

Cover of the Understanding Students Needs research paper.

Understanding Student Needs: Early Results from Fall Assessments

An in-depth look at results from fall i-Ready Assessment taken in school. While more students started the school year below grade level, the differences are not as dire as many predicted. 


Executive summary about COVID’s impact on learning.

The Effects of COVID on Learning: Remote Testing Raises Questions

After analyzing the differences between remote and in-school testing, we found that students testing remotely tended to perform better than students testing in school, raising important questions about remote testing. 


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