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TEKS Instruction through Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and Instruction Address the TEKS

ThinkUp!™ Writing addresses 100% of the Composition TEKS and integrates the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™.
  • Twenty-one units are organized by Composition, Revising, and Editing TEKS, including Writer Tips, Try It Together, Your Turn!, and Reflection.
  • Scoring rubrics coach students to evaluate their own writing. Tool Selection provides graphic organizers, rubrics, and a glossary.
  • Each unit includes activities that support the writing process, integrate the critical thinking skills needed for successful writing, and provide effective instruction with focused practice to help students master the revision, editing, and composition standards.

ThinkUp! Writing Teacher and Student books.

Engage Bilingual Students in the Writing Process.

¡Escribir como Estrellas! offers high-interest passages and skills-based activities to address 100% of the Spanish Writing TEKS and reflect the rigor of STAAR®. This flexible, comprehensive Spanish writing resource features texts created to reflect the culture and experiences of Spanish-speaking students.

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Success Stories

Educators at Tool Elementary share how the critical thinking instruction integrated throughout ThinkUp! elevates the level of thinking in their classrooms and prepares students for whatever they may face in school and in life.

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