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Transform Math TEKS Instruction through Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and Instruction for 100% of the TEKS

ThinkUp! Math is your winning solution for bridging the gap years. As a supplemental or core curriculum, ThinkUp! Math provides instructional strategies for planning content-driven lessons, differentiating instruction, and creating thinking-centered classrooms.
  • Rigorous, TEKS- and ELPS-aligned content embeds critical thinking and problem-solving skills into lessons, emphasizing mathematical vocabulary, processes, and the final solution.
  • Units are organized by focus standard and provide hundreds of engaging activities and interventions to support instruction, reinforcement, and reteaching.
  • Each lesson gives students ample practice with new item types that require calculation and supports them in reaching the level of thinking needed for concept mastery.

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ThinkUp! Math Addresses 100% of the TEKS and Integrates the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™.

ThinkUp! Math supports students as they master content and thinking skills. Engage students with this interactive curriculum that helps them build critical thinking skills and connect math to the real world. Access digital PDFs of ThinkUp! Math and Benchmark Assessments with the purchase of Teacher Toolbox for Texas.

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Success Stories

Educators at Tool Elementary share how the critical thinking instruction integrated throughout ThinkUp! elevates the level of thinking in their classrooms and prepares students for whatever they may face in school and in life.

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