Building a Love of Reading

STAAR Ready Reading

STAAR Ready Reading provides rigorous instruction on the TEKS using a proven effective, scaffolded approach. The lessons provide students with the modeled and guided instruction they need to build confidence and mastery, ensuring success on the STAAR test.

  • Available in English (Grades 1–8) and Spanish (Grades 1–5).
  • Provides a student-friendly overview of the skills, concepts, strategies, and vocabulary of the covered standards.
  • Uses visual aids—tables, charts, and graphic organizers—in every introduction to engage struggling readers and visual learners.
  • Delivers STAAR Practice questions that mirror the question types and format of the STAAR test.
  • Includes three full-length STAAR assessment simulations available in Ready Texas Assessments books.


Get to Know STAAR Ready Reading

Help Every Learner Become a Strong Reader

STAAR Ready Reading is supportive of both teachers and students through rigorous instruction and assessments books that build students’ skills and confidence and teacher materials that empower teachers through supportive guidance and teaching tips.

STAAR Ready Reading Grade Student Book

Student Solution

Builds student confidence through explicit instruction on the concepts and skills covered by the TEKS.

STAAR Ready Reading Grade 4 Teacher Guide

Teacher Solution

Provides teachers with the support they need to teach each lesson most effectively—all in an easy-to-use format.

STAAR Ready Texas Reading Grade 4 Student Assessments Book.

Assessment Solution

Three tests give students authentic test-taking practice to build confidence on TEKS standards that are eligible to be assessed on the STAAR. These tests are aligned to the latest STAAR blueprint. Ready Texas Assessments replaces STAAR Ready Test Practice.

Reinforce Academic Talk

Use this four-part Ready routine to build vocabulary and comprehension.

Speech bubbles

Ready Reading gives you everything you need to be an effective teacher and to best help your students.”

—Teacher, Grades K–2, MS

Speech bubbles

“It is a strong resource that fits well into any reading lesson.”

—Teacher, Grades 3–5, NC

Encourage Discourse

Use Reading Discourse Cards to facilitate meaningful discussions around texts.

STAAR is a federally registered trademark owned by the Texas Education Agency, and is used pursuant to license.
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