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Magnetic Reading Foundations connects the art of teaching with the Science of Reading to offer students access to new worlds of achievement.

Students are drawn to the center of learning by an intuitive, systematic approach to instruction with rich, engaging texts. Supported by science and the power of i-Ready Assessment, Magnetic Reading Foundations ensures students get the foundational support they need to become successful grade-level readers.



Develop reading skills using intuitive instructional supports.

Embedded professional development provides practical tips and strategies for teaching foundational reading skills.

A teacher book turned to a phonics lesson with built-in instructional supports. 
An open book with a student reading lesson has each word highlighted with a corresponding key. 

Make grade-level reading attainable for all students.

Magnetic Readers are 100 percent readable and driven by scaffolds to support growth for every young reader.

Promote reading fluency with a proven program.

Insightful reports reveal students’ progress within a program built on a foundation of research-based efficacy.

A Diagnostic results report shows typical growth and stretch growth targets for a student. 
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