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Create a Knowledge-Building Mindset

Cover of Building Knowledge Now guide.

What can teachers do to strike a solid balance between teaching knowledge and skills in the reading classroom? We must change our collective mindset. How can schools start making the transition?

Download this guide for an essential checklist when evaluating your reading curriculum. The guide includes:

  • Tips for making the schoolwide transition to a knowledge-building mindset
  • A comprehensive checklist of key items to look for in future reading programs to meet the knowledge-rich mark
  • Strategies to boost your existing reading resources in need of an update

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About the Author

Elizabeth Bassford is associate vice president of content and implementation at Curriculum Associates, with a fruitful tenure in teaching, research and development. Focused solely on literacy for the majority of her 40-year career, Elizabeth consults with districts nationwide as they advance their implementation of high standards toward equity. Elizabeth has contributed to a number of goldstandard core and intervention programs with an emphasis on the transformative power of data and speaks nationally on trending topics of import to the education community. Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Education from New York University and an M.S. in Education from Fordham University.

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