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The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments

Putting Research-Based Oral Reading Fluency Assessment in the Hands of Educators

The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments can determine a student’s oral reading fluency proficiency, progress, and individual instruction needs, and when used alongside trusted data from i-Ready Diagnostic, it can provide a complete picture of a student’s overall reading performance.

Enhanced for the 2021–2022 School Year

The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments measure a series of critical data points that illustrate students’ performance and progress toward reaching the level of oral reading fluency appropriate for their grade. The assessments provide oral reading fluency passages written to industry standards and scoring guidance to serve the following purposes:

  • The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessment uses grade-level texts to determine whether a student is meeting grade-level expectations according to nationally recognized norms for the student’s grade level up to three times per year. Available in both English (Grades 1–6) and Spanish (Grades 1–4 at the beginning of the 2021–2022 school year and expanding to Grades 1–6 in winter 2021–2022).
  • The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Formative Assessment offers passages across adjacent grade levels to informally observe student progress and provide fluency practice. Available in both English (throughout 2021–2022) and Spanish (in winter 2021–2022). The Formative Assessment is available for students at developmental reading levels from Grades 1–4. (Students enrolled above and below these grades may still benefit from these Formative Assessments.)
  • The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Progress Monitoring Assessment allows educators to regularly progress monitor students who are receiving reading intervention up to 24 times during the school year to evaluate student learning and the effectiveness of the intervention based on Typical Growth and Stretch Growth® rates. Available in English for the 2021–2022 school year and adding Spanish fluency progress monitoring in the 2022–2023 school year.

How It Works

  • As a Benchmark Assessment: Teachers can use information from the Oral Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessment to determine whether students are meeting grade-level expectations. Teachers can use this information, combined with i-Ready Diagnostic data, to better understand their students’ overall reading performance at their grade level.
  • As an Ongoing Formative Assessment: Teachers can use the Formative Assessment passages to periodically assess students’ current performance and progress toward reading goals, provide fluency practice, and form a rich picture of each student as a reader.
  • As a Progress Monitoring Assessment: Educators use the progress monitoring passages and associated Progress Monitoring Record spreadsheet to regularly track student performance and gauge the success of reteaching or interventions against a variety of precreated aim lines. With 24 forms available per grade, most interventions can be monitored weekly.

What’s Included

The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments consist of:

  • Oral reading fluency passages and corresponding scoring sheets, including:
    • Benchmark Assessments: Three assessment forms (two passages per form) to be administered up to three times per year (two assessment forms available for Grade 1)
    • Formative Assessments: Multiple passages per grade, targeting three ranges of difficulty within each grade, to be administered periodically based on teacher discretion
    • Progress Monitoring Assessments: 24 forms for use throughout the year for regular monitoring of fluency
  • Materials for scoring Words Correct per Minute, Accuracy, Comprehension, and Prosody
  • The i-Ready Oral Reading Fluency Assessments Manual, which guides educators through:
    • Assessment administration
    • Scoring process and interpretation
    • Recommended instructional next steps
  • Printable Record Sheets, a Class Record spreadsheet, and a Progress Monitoring Record spreadsheet

Oral Reading Fluency Assessments are available at no additional charge to i-Ready Diagnostic for Reading license holders.

All components of the assessments are available through i-Ready as downloadable, printable PDFs, putting the assessment process where it belongs—in the hands of teachers. Teachers administer and score the assessments and record results offline.

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