Empower and Inspire Your Youngest Spanish Learners

Provide your Spanish speakers and learners with multiple exposures to key Spanish vocabulary to support them in Spanish Reading Comprehension instruction with responsive Spanish Vocabulary lessons for Grades K–2. These lessons complete our offering of Spanish foundational skills.

You want to drive literacy gains and equitable growth for all students, regardless of background or level. Both repetition and engagement are critical in the vocabulary acquisition of the youngest learners, but it can be challenging to find the right balance. Ignite the joy of reading in your youngest Spanish learners with responsive vocabulary instruction that breaks the cycle of fatigue and frustration and gives them agency over their learning.

Build Confidence to Build Literacy

Adaptive Vocabulary lessons give students the right balance of instruction and practice, so they get exactly what they need and stay motivated throughout the learning experience. Students can skip instruction of the target words they already know, maximizing their exposure to the vocabulary they don’t know. Responsive feedback is delivered in the moment students need it most, which helps them learn from their mistakes.

Foster Ownership of Learning

Invite your Spanish learners to take ownership of their learning experience with instruction that belongs to them. Captivating visuals reinforce topics that draw on students’ cultural backgrounds. Students engage deeply in contextualized target words and interactive activities that reflect their identities and foster a joy of reading. 

Frame Vocabulary in Context

Reinforce vocabulary acquisition with lessons that pre-teach the target words students will see in corresponding Reading Comprehension lessons. Authentic in both language and context, lesson content is built from scratch and interwoven with relevant science and social studies topics to allow students to apply knowledge across domains.

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