Transforming Mathematics Classrooms

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Professional Development Course Descriptions

To help you get the most from i-Ready Classroom Mathematics, we partner with you to help you shape a culture of deep mathematics learning. Educators learn carefully developed practices built around the most important actions to drive meaningful mathematics conversations for conceptual understanding. Each educator learns to make the leap to discourse‑driven instruction with a powerful network of support behind them.

Get to Know Our i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Professional Development Courses

Our professional development is designed to grow along with your implementation, meeting the learning needs and interests of educators at each phase of their development: New, Practicing, and Advanced. Our courses address a set of common learning outcomes, while our Tailored Support sessions deliver targeted outcomes specific to your needs. These sessions may be delivered virtually or in person.

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Preparing to Teach i-Ready Classroom Mathematics

Educators are equipped to launch successful i-Ready Classroom Mathematics implementations and begin to make connections between the program, the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and the NCTM Effective Teaching Practices.

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Developing Mathematical Thinkers through Instructional Routines

Educators learn to go deeper in examining how to use the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Try–Discuss–Connect routine to support productive student discourse for all learners.

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Using Reflective Practice to Enhance Instruction

Educators gain insights into actions and beliefs that are key to teaching and learning mathematics with understanding and discuss starting points they can apply to their instructional interactions.

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Leading an i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Implementation I

Leaders who are new to implementing this program are introduced to strategies for identifying observable markers of effective mathematics instruction and to practices that support educators in selecting appropriate program components, preparing for instruction, and establishing routines to facilitate meaningful discourse.

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Tailored Support

Tailored Support is planned collaboratively with you to provide what you need to meet your goals by addressing key areas of professional development. Our professional development specialists consult with educators to select appropriate content and create customized agendas.

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The Educator Prep Series

The Educator Prep Series of online modules is a flexible complement to and extension of your onsite i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Professional Development program.