Accelerate Literacy Achievement with a Science-Based Approach

Magnetic Reading Grades 3–5 Professional Development Scope and Sequence

Our professional learning is centered in developing educators’ capacity to implement key instructional moves that unlock Magnetic Reading’s potential to transform reading classrooms.

Get to Know Our Magnetic Reading Professional Development Offerings

Our professional development opportunities are designed specifically for teachers and coaches in their first or second year implementing Magnetic Reading.

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Engaging Readers with Grade-Level Texts Course

Educators explore how Magnetic Reading engages readers and develops comprehension skills through a content-rich curriculum and rigorous data-informed instruction that is accessible to all learners.

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Using i-Ready Data to Inform Magnetic Reading Instruction Tailored Support

Educators examine how the i-Ready Grade-Level Scaffolding report provides information about text and skills readiness for a specific Magnetic Reading lesson.

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Scaffolding Comprehension with Grade-Level Texts Tailored Support

Magnetic Reading is built on the belief that all students deserve access to high-quality, grade-level texts.

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Building Background Knowledge Tailored Support

Educators examine the relationship between background knowledge and reading comprehension.