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Professional-Development: Proven practices for student success

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We believe in transforming classrooms for students and teachers

Success for us isn’t measured by getting our products into districts, schools, and classrooms. Driven by our mission to improve classrooms for teachers and students everywhere, we measure success by student engagement and growth.

Our courses and tailored support are designed to show how i-Ready®, Ready®, and BRIGANCE® support assessment and instruction to ensure all learners thrive. Browse our course offerings by product to find the sessions that fit your needs: i-Ready Courses, Ready Supplemental Courses, Ready Mathematics Core Courses, BRIGANCE Courses, Other Courses.

Proven Practices, Research-Based Results
From Product to Practice

Our professional development is designed to move teachers and leaders along the continuum from product to practice. We meet the increasingly complex learning needs of educators at each phase of their development. Our courses ensure you receive the most current research-based information about how to use i-Ready and Ready to achieve results.

Active Learning
Active Learning

From examining student data to determine instructional priorities, to confronting complex text, to planning for productive math talk, our courses engage participants as learning partners. Our goal is to deepen your understanding and strengthen your ability to effectively implement our programs.

Personalized for You
Personalized, Flexible Delivery

We recognize that all districts, schools, and classrooms are unique. Therefore, we continuously calibrate our approach since not everyone has the same needs at the same time. Our flexible days and grouping allow us to work with you to meet your differentiated needs.

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