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Teachers Spend On Average 12 Hours Per Week Creating & Searching For Lesson Materials, Study Finds

Teachers: how much time do you spend per week creating and searching for instructional materials?

Answers will vary, but according to a K-12 Market Advisors report, teachers spend on average 5.2 hours per week creating instructional materials, 4.3 hours searching for free resources, and another 3 hours searching for paid materials.1

Whether it’s asking fellow school staff what they use or looking up digital resources on Pinterest, teachers shouldn’t have to sacrifice what little time you have searching for materials to teach all levels of learners. It can take hours to find a usable resource and those resources often aren’t directly connected to your curriculum program. It can take even longer to make those materials yourself!

There must be a better way.

Picture this: a virtual resource library designed to support educators with one-stop access to thousands of flexible, engaging, research-based K-8 Mathematics & English Language Arts instructional materials. This digital collection can be one from which teachers draw relevant, standards-based resources to introduce new concepts, reteach standards, or help students learn prerequisite skills from earlier grades.

We call it the Teacher Toolbox and created it to give teachers more of their time back, provide access to trusted resources, and support an engaged classroom - all in one place.

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Differentiating Lessons for Every Learner

No longer do you need to search for materials online, buy a book, or create something yourself.

Teacher Toolbox is an easy-to-navigate platform that provides a complete set of instructional resources alongside multimedia content, discourse supports, and assessment practice, supporting a variety of lesson needs and formats.

It gives you access to lesson materials for all grade levels – not just the grade you teach – helping you to provide enrichment and remediation in addition to grade-level instruction. There are lessons and supports available for whole class, small group, and individual instruction. The resources can help to:

  • Provide scaffolded learning to efficiently meet grade-level standards
  • Drive small group instruction that supports each student using Prerequisite Lessons, Math Center Activities, Tools for Instruction, and Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension
  • Introduce new concepts and increase student participation with Interactive Tutorials
  • Facilitate rich discussion and student engagement with Reading and Math Discourse Cards, classroom routines, and Digital Math Tools
  • Prepare students to demonstrate standards mastery with Assessment Practice

Support for Remote Learning

In a time where remote and hybrid learning has become the norm, ensure learning continues no matter where your students are. Your subscription to Teacher Toolbox enables you to share many of these resources flexibly with students at home:

  • Show an engaging Interactive Tutorial during a live screen cast to introduce a new concept
  • Post lessons, activities, and Assessment Practice on your school learning management system
  • Have students complete their assignments at home! Teacher Toolbox materials are compatible with most PDF mark-up tools

Teacher-Led Instruction, Informed by Your i-Ready Data

Already an i-Ready user? Looking to help your school get the most out of it?

Teacher Toolbox is integrated with i‑Ready to provide a seamless connection between student data and instruction. After students take the i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics and/or Reading, data from the Diagnostic generates a series of reports that provide a complete picture of student performance.

i-Ready’s Instructional Groupings report, Diagnostic Results (Student) report, and Prerequisites report for Mathematics provide instructional next steps and recommended resources in the Teacher Toolbox that best address the needs of each student. For example, when driving small group remediation and enrichment, the Instructional Groupings report helps educators to differentiate their instruction by grouping students with similar instructional needs. For each small group, the report provides detailed Instructional Priorities and directs teachers to downloadable instructional resources on Teacher Toolbox that will best support that group’s learning.

Hear What Other Educators are Saying

“The [Teacher] Toolbox has given me access to more research-based lessons and has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend planning my lessons and preparing.” - Keri. A, Teacher, New York

“I love that I am able to not only access materials from prior grade levels for students who need remediation in prior standards, but I am also able to access lessons in higher grade levels for students who need to be pushed.” - Brewer L., Teacher, Florida


Ready to Get Your Time Back?

Teacher Toolbox is a wonderful complement to the i‑Ready, Ready, and Magnetic Reading programs, and is also available for use as a powerful standalone tool.

Ready to see why teachers across the country love it? Click here to request a free 60-day pilot


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1Goldberg, M. (2016). Classroom Trends: Teachers as Buyers of Instructional Materials and Users of Technology. K-12 Market Advisors.
Retrieved from: https://mdreducation.com/reports/classroom-trends-teachers-buyers-instructional-materials-users-technology/

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