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ELA Intervention Kit

Phonics for Reading
(Grades 3–HS)

Support reading success and help students advance reading skills. The series is carefully sequenced and gives direct instruction in phonics.
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Passwords: Science Vocabulary
(Grades 1–HS | For ESL, too!)

Build and enrich students’ science vocabulary. The Passwords: Science Vocabulary Reading program builds content literacy for science and prepares all students for science testing.
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Passwords: Social Studies Vocabulary
(Grades 1–HS | ESL, too!)

Build and enrich students' social studies vocabulary with grade-appropriate content aligned with state and national standards.
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WRITE! Foundations and Models for Proficiency
(Grades 1–8)

Develop proficient writers and successful writing test-takers with WRITE! Comprehensive series of rubric-based instruction and GUM skills.
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(Grades 1–8 | For ESL, too!)

Explicit instruction teaches students how to master tests that measure reading and writing proficiency on Paired Passages, Revising and Editing, and Responding to Writing Prompts.
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QUICK-WORD Handbooks
(Grades 1–7+ | English and Spanish Editions | For ESL, too!)

These ideal writing resources for students of all ages list high-frequency words alphabetically! They also contain handy homophone guides, common abbreviations, lines for students to add their personal writing words, months of the year, days of the week, and number words.
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(Grades K–8)

Strengthen student writing skills with this affordable, easy-to-use resource. They quickly find information about the major kinds of writing and GUM (grammar, usage, and mechanics) skills. QUICK-WRITE is a ready reference for commonly asked questions students have as they write.
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(Grades 1–4+ | For ESL, too!)

QUICK-WORD Phonics Handbook is an integral part of phonics instruction and develops successful readers. Primary students, struggling readers, and English Language Learners strengthen reading skills with our ready reference to phonics.
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Blank Books
(Grades K–6)

Our Blank Books are waiting to be filled with special stories and illustrations from special writers. With your encouragement, young writers will enjoy writing again and again.
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(Grades K–4+)

Students improve their spelling and writing skills with these easy-to-use reference guides.
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(Grades 1–7+)

Help your Spanish-speaking students learn to write the right way. This series is like a permanent, portable word wall that contains words students use frequently in their writing.
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