Rigor They Can Reach

STAAR Ready Programs

Students have the opportunity to shine when they are challenged by rigorous yet reachable instruction in the classroom. The STAAR Ready program, which is aligned to the TEKS, prepares students for the STAAR test in a highly supportive way. Learners of all levels become active participants in their own learning, fortified by deep knowledge and reasoning skills that stay with them in the years ahead. Teachers get the guidance and tools they need with strong, point-of-use professional development to ensure successful classroom instruction on the TEKS.


STAAR Ready Mathematics

An instruction and practice program that fully prepares students for the STAAR test in a highly supportive way, while providing teachers with step-by-step, point-of-use professional development to teach the TEKS most effectively.

STAAR Ready Reading

Provides rigorous instruction on the TEKS using a proven-effective, scaffolded approach. The lessons provide students with the modeled and guided instruction they need to build confidence and mastery, ensuring success on the STAAR test.

Texas Assessments

Ready Texas Assessments features three full-length assessments that align with the latest STAAR blueprint and reporting category levels. Questions are reflective of the item types found on the STAAR and assess students' understanding of multiple TEKS.

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