Moving Forward: Learning with Ready Classroom Mathematics in 2020–2021

How Ready Classroom Mathematics Supports Educators during 2020–2021

Many students will be coming to math class further behind this year than ever before. To tackle this challenge, you need precise data that identifies what students know while also helping teachers balance their instruction between prerequisite skills and current grade-level content. Ready Classroom Mathematics, a new math curriculum for K–8, has reports and resources to help you not only catch students up, but make them succeed with grade-level work.

How do I know what my students know?

For a well-rounded understanding of where your students are starting off the year, you need both qualitative and quantitative data. The discourse-based Try–Discuss–Connect instructional routine in Ready Classroom Mathematics gets students talking about math and helps you informally assess student understanding. In-depth reports from the adaptive Diagnostic give you comprehensive insights into student learning and growth across a wide range of K–12 skills. 

Graphic showing the Try-Discuss-Connect routine.

Gather Informal Data

Discover the highly acclaimed discourse-based Try–Discuss–Connect routine that engages students and gives teachers insights into their understanding.


Use Data That Drives Action

Make informed instructional decisions for every student based on valid, reliable data.

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How do I address prerequisite learning?

Make every minute of your instruction count. Ready Classroom Mathematics is a coherent math curriculum that makes it easy to adapt lessons to address students’ unfinished learning across mathematics domains. The intuitive reports and resources provide alternate pacing suggestions and targeted, on-the-spot instructional tips to help you integrate prerequisite learning into grade-level instruction. 

Student solving math problems.

Use a Coherent Curriculum

Help students understand and see connections among math topics within a grade and across grade levels.


Integrate Prerequisites into Grade-Level Instruction

Address unfinished learning while focusing on what matters most—grade-level success.

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Resources for Educators

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